We joined a contest called "Metal Battle", which is a contest held every year. We participated for the second time and the preliminary was held on the 26th of January at Estrado, Harderwijk.

When we arrived at Estrado, we drove over a huge parking lot with free parking. Awesome! We love huge parking lots which also appear to be free! There was also easy access to a nice room for all the gear, which we think is important. Especially when carrying 1000kg cabs and amps. And then, there was the food. 100% pure delicious, traditional Dutch meals. We normally don’t eat that much before a show, but damn, we had our fill. Lots of love for all the people that worked in the kitchen! A good meal is half the preparation. Nice stage with great sound too! We had more than enough room to run around and do all kinds of crazy stuff on stage! The curtain was also pretty useful when getting everything set up and doing a line check. The audience was patiently waiting on the other side. The lightshow was just how we wanted it: mostly white and blue colors. The technicians did a great job there! The mix for the audience wasn’t the best, but de stage sound was definitely good enough to deliver one hell of a show! And we could see that, even the staff was partying with us during the show! We hope to play there again!