When you feel that musical developments overseas could possibly unleash a huge revolution in other parts of the world, you make sure to try and spark those developments in your own country. That is what the men of metalcore band ASTRAEA have made their personal mission since 2014. Guitars and drums with an aggressive precision, creative melodies that bring an extra dimension to the music and a combination of clean and raw vocals form the strength of this band.

The band has put a lot of time and effort into the search for a specific sound that defines their identity, and in finding the right people to make it work. The release of the song 'Dreamer' in 2018 received critical acclaim, which drove the band to work harder and push further. On February 1st 2019, the debut EP 'Perspective' was released. The process behind all this created a very close group of friends that is able to grasp the audience in its enthusiasm and passion for its own music. ASTRAEA certainly is not afraid to make the stage theirs and put on a highly energetic show.